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A plug-in for Winamp that plays music files (.SPC) from Super NES games.

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Operating System: Winamp (all versions)

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v3.3.4 2008.03.28 479.89 KB Download


chiplover says:
Great plugin but doesn't seem to come with a config file to save setting changes. Every time you restart winamp any custom settings you make will be gone. Hope they fix that.

Ariel Schnee says:
Man, am I glad you had this.^_^

I been looking all over for it.^_^

Now I can finally play those files!^_^

helpful tip says:
You can fix the issue in Windows by right-clicking your Winamp program or its shortcut, selecting Properties, viewing the Compatibility tab, and enabling the "Run this program as an administrator" option.

When you run Winamp from then on, say Yes to allowing the program to make changes, and then say Yes to letting Winamp run.

Changes you make should be saved now.

The reason this happens is because programs used to save their settings in the directory they were stored in. When Windows Vista/7 was introduced, this was changed to deny changes made to files in the Program Files and the x86 folders so that computer viruses and malware will have a harder time causing damage to your computer. Newer programs save things in a different location on your computer, but these older programs will require admin privileges in order to make changes to their directory.

SDraw says:
Ah, finally, VLDC9 Abstract map on infinite loop!

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