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JCOM-SPC is a SPC player. Here is a list of all the current features that JCOM - SPC includes: supports sampling rates up to 96Khz, mono/stereo, up to 32bit; full channel muting, preamp and stereo seperation control, on the fly; built in playlist editor; easy file association; WAV file recording; Fast Forward and Rewind capability; up to 10 favorites can be stored into JCOM - SPC for quick access; RSN compressed SPC soundtrack support; ability to use external audio processors and encoders like oggEnc or LAME.

Author's website: http://www.jcomcp.plus.com/jcomspc.html

Operating System: Windows (all versions)

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v1.96 9 September 2013 229.41 KB Download


GoosiMane says:
This is the one you need if you're remixing... you can isolate the individual tracks and export to .wav very easily. Working in Windows 10 64-bit (at least until the next update...)

MomfroxUB4hnZ says:
The playlist editor wont show up, even stacked side by side it doesn't work

Atlas48 says:
Still works on Windows 7 just fine.

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