GPU Utilities

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Name Description
1964 OpenGL plugin This is the OpenGL plugin which comes with the emulator 1964. It has most of the features, but it's slow and has some display problems.
CFB plugin This plugin demonstrates the basic working of the plugin specs. Not really meant for gamers but more for developers as it also includes the source code.
Direct64 This plugin is from the same author as glN64. It uses DirectX9 for rendering and is a continuation of the aforementioned OpenGL plugin. Also, make sure your video card has support for PS 1.1!
Glide64 One of the best GPU plugins and certainly THE best for any Voodoo card users, as it utilizes the Glide API for graphics - recommended for 3Dfx card users.
glN64 glN64 is an excellent OpenGL video plugin for N64 emulators.
RCP's Direct3D plugin A Direct3D plugin, made by RCP, author of TRWin. In case you experience compatibility or speed problems with Jabo's, you may give this one a try.
Rice's Video Plugin This unique plugin tells a different perspective on graphics emulation. Rice began to very cautiously work on the Daedalus graphics engine code and years later discontinued it in an open-source state. Now mudlord maintains the project.
TR64 OpenGL plugin The second OpenGL plugin from the Tr64 team, providing a much nicer compatibility, more speed and cleaner graphics. Certainly worth a try.