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This unique plugin tells a different perspective on graphics emulation. Rice began to very cautiously work on the Daedalus graphics engine code and years later discontinued it in an open-source state. Now mudlord maintains the project.

Author's website: http://1964emu.emulation64.com

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
Download 6.1.4 07/14/2008 979.67 KB Download
Source 5.6.0 01/07/05




419.85 KB Download


Joe Carne says:
Hello! I've downloaded the 6.1.4 version, but it only includes the video setup. I've run the setup before and made sure it goes to all the correct directories, but I cannot find it whilst choosing plugins in PJ64. Any advice?

Roan` says:
I have the same problem. It does not show up in my plugins list in PJ64.

connor says:
Same problem

Ford says:
this is not compatible with P64

nuisance says:
it works for me on project 64

ZBoyer1000 says:
It works. You have to follow the instructions. Open the .exe, find the directory of project64 and then put your stuff in the plugins folder

Alan says:
I did it just as ZBoyer1000 says and it still doesn't work :( please some help! I really want to play Paper Mario without any errors

soos says:
also cant choose it

tboy says:
make sure you run as administrator

Pete says:
Point installer to Project 64

tick Use hi-res if available put texture folder in plug-in/ hi-re tex folder ...done

LunarDelta says:
Doesn't work with P64. Don't tell me I didn't follow the instructions because I did.

Ello says:
This is incompatible for people using Project64. Use, Mupen64 instead for this kind of stuff.

Mupen 64 also has a PC Version

-_- says:
Download it and it says it's 6.1.0

Wolfgalaxy says:
Downloaded this thing and installed it but all it did was fuck up my Project64! HOW DO YOU UNINSTALL THIS SHIT?!

Ryan says:
I'd recommend for you to open the EXE file with 7zip (because it works best) for manual installation. I'd recommend when working with an installer, check it with 7zip first if you see the real files if it's a virus or not since installers usually have nasty Trojans. Anyways, I still tried, maybe Mudlord Graphics plugin might work. Google search "Aristotle's Mudlord & Rice Video", I promise, it will do you some good.

ALEX says:
do you guys just know how to change mario's clothes without codes or cheats???

Diego says:
Doesn't work.

shaftwise says:
download it into your plugins folder for pj64

jacquesvfd says:
It seems very unclear. Am i supposed to put it in /program files (86)/project64 2.3
or in
/program files (86)/project64 2.3/plugin

James F says:
ive been using emulators for 20+ years. this DOES NOT WORK for project 64. I need this to work for project64 VR for my helmet. So I call bullshit

arse says:
you fucking idiots, extract the exe using 7zip

eric3582 says:
working as of 12/12/2013

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