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This is THE definitive tool for viewing the contents of N64 ROMs. It has a sound, graphics, hex, text, and disassembly editor. I haven't gotten around to trying it yet. It was written by Jovis.

Operating System: Windows

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
1.1 03/01/97 28.40 KB Download


Ryan says:
Can you use this with a C/C++ compiler for Windows and turn a N64 game into a EXE?

welven says:
lol idk

Braden says:
Calling this the definitive tool for viewing ROM contents is like calling dd if=/dev/urandom the definitive text editor. Yeah by the infinite monkeys theorum you could theoretically edit a text file to have the contents you want, but no sane individual would do that. I tried to use it to view a disassembly, but the tool is so bare bones that it is unusable. You can't expect anybody to dig through an incredibly complex 16KiB rat's nest of disassembled machine code without any working navigation tools. It only lets you scroll one line at a time. Even a web browser in plain text mode is a better text viewing tool than that. But the worst part is that this tool makes it impossible to extract the disassembly in any way. There is only one way, which is to manually go through it, line by line, and painstakingly transcribe it into a text file. Which you can do if you're a complete fucking psychopath. I am a civilized human being. I refuse to do that.

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