N64/PSX Utilities

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Name Description
BASIC 64 BASIC 64 is a program that translates BASIC programs into assembler code for the N64. With some modifications to the output, the U64ASM assembler can be used to assemble the generated code.
GDebug64 A new debugger for the N64. Pretty much straight forward, and looks like it can become very good someday. Check it out.
LemAsm LemAsm, written by Lemmy of Nemu fame, is an N64 Rom editor/assembler. It has a Hex Viewer, Mips Editor and image viewer.
N64 / PSX Disassembler Again, i cant really review this till i get me some n64 roms, upon that time, i'll have a good review for it. If anyone has a review for these, i'd be happy to take a look at it, otherwise this is just another disassembler, looks good, maybe not as good as the previous one though.
N64 Disassembler This is THE definitive tool for viewing the contents of N64 ROMs. It has a sound, graphics, hex, text, and disassembly editor. I haven't gotten around to trying it yet. It was written by Jovis.
N64 Starter Kit This is a development kit for creating N64 ROMs, and includes several utilities. See the author's page for more information.
PSX/N64 Disassembler Playstation AND N64 Disassembler, looks good, worth a look especially since it works with both.