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This is an audio player which loads Super Nintendo Sound Format (SPC) files and outputs them in MIDI format. You can then proceed to save the output file.

The original program is in Japanese. We also maintain an unofficial English translation of an earlier version of the program.

Author's website: http://gigo.retrogames.com/download.html

Operating System: Windows (any version)

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
English Release 2 08/05/2005 Homepage for the unofficial translation 105.20 KB Download
spc2midi v0.023 04/18/2005 104.27 KB Download


Drewfish says:
SPC to MIDI converting, where have you been all my life *-*

Rodrigo says:
SPC to MIDI converting, where have you been all my life *-* (2)

Doddo says:
At least I hope that no toilet songs will appear from it

Susumu Takajima says:
The English version was detected as a virus.

Alpha17x says:
Be warned that this program produces Midi files with corrupt headers and other issues. They will play in most software, but they will rarely load in a production suite like Fruity Loops or Sonar

Delta says:
As Alpha17x said, the program does produce MIDIs with corrupted headers, however, you can fix this by using Audacity to re-export the MIDI and it will work.

DB Crowley says:
What the hell, Avast says that the english version is infected.

Bero256 says:
The Japanese version is the one to choose, because at least it isn't infected. If you've used the English version before it got infected, you won't have a hard time using it.

Andrew23 says:
Great the Japanese version is infected now too. Ad-Aware, AegisLab, and AhnLab on VirusTotal all detected problems with the exe. This was probably the only program that could convert a Software Creations spc

BruhmanDeluxe says:
I want to try this thing but i cant download the english version

Fraston says:
Is there any other tool?
Drums are condensed into one note, making it sound very crappy. Additionally, midis sometimes will not open in garageband.

Anon says:
Those detections feel like false positives I've used this tool tons and I am fine.

Scrimblo Bimblo says:
Works just fine. I managed to get one of my favorite tunes to midi form to slap another soundfont on it. Although I wish there was some kind of visualizer so I can tell where I would want to stop the midi before it loops without me guessing.

anon says:
09/11/22 - english link is broken.

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