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A multi-utility program for SPC700 dumps. Emulates the SPC700, edits the ID666 tag in .SPC's, rips .SPC's from .ZST's, rips and changes the BRR data in ROMs, logs DSP output to .WAV and .MID files, contains a complete debugger with disassembler, and other features.

Author's website: http://www.alpha-ii.com/Download/MainOld.html

Operating System: DOS (any version)

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v0.61 2000.03.25 79.36 KB Download


Yo says:
This doesn't work for newer versions of Windows like 7.

Maxrivas7 says:
It engines with Compatibility with older versiopn of Windows???

Paulo R. says:
Use Dosbox, because the program despite of .dll usage isn't a Windows application!!! It's a pure DOS

marcus says:
dont work on W10

marcus says:
dont work on W10 neither with Dosbox

obama gaming says:
won't run on windows 10 :sob: :sob:

.israel. says:
The README.html says no DOSBox. If the source code was available someone could hack this to work on Linux, and then windows users could WSL to get it to work :P

Anonymous says:
Software is from 2000. Of course this won’t work.

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