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Audio Overload emulates the sound hardware of vintage consoles and computers, allowing you to listen to completely authentic renditions of classic video game tunes. It features playback support for thirty three different music formats (AHX, AY, COP, DSF, GBS, GSF, GYM, HES, HVL, IMF, KSS, MDX, MOD, NSF, NSFE, ORC, PSF, PSF2, QSF, RAW, ROL, S3M, S98, SAP, SCI, SNDH, SPC, SPU, SSF, VGM, VTX, WSR, YM); transparent decompression of 7ZIP, GZIP, LHA, RAR, and ZIP archives; optional volume level normalization; and export-to-WAV functionality.

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Operating System: Mac, Windows (32-bit or 64-bit), and Linux (x86-32 or x86-64)

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
Linux x86-32 v2.0b10 July 28, 2008 1.08 MB Download
Linux x86-64 v2.0b10 July 28, 2008 1.33 MB Download
Mac v2.0b10 July 28, 2008 3.33 MB Download
Windows 32-bit v2.0b10 July 28, 2008 994.14 KB Download
Windows 64-bit v2.0b10 July 28, 2008 1.13 MB Download


BearBlasting says:
I tried a lot of the other ones on here for .spc files and ended up going with this one. Bigger but I would recommend it for the extra functionality.

AlienDude says:
I was messing around with WinAmp plugins, but some stuff don't work, but this is beautiful

sumakhbalan says:
It does not work in linux mint atleast for me

jobbautista9 says:
For GNU/Linux, you need the aoss compatibility layer (alsa-oss in debian)

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