Multi-Format Players Utilities

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Name Description
Audio Overload Audio Overload emulates the sound hardware of vintage consoles and computers, allowing you to listen to completely authentic renditions of classic video game tunes. It features playback support for thirty three different music formats (AHX, AY, COP, DSF, GBS, GSF, GYM, HES, HVL, IMF, KSS, MDX, MOD, NSF, NSFE, ORC, PSF, PSF2, QSF, RAW, ROL, S3M, S98, SAP, SCI, SNDH, SPC, SPU, SSF, VGM, VTX, WSR, YM); transparent decompression of 7ZIP, GZIP, LHA, RAR, and ZIP archives; optional volume level normalization; and export-to-WAV functionality.
Bleep! Bleep! is a music player for NSF and GBS files. It comes in two versions: a standalone text-mode player for DOS and Win32, and an input plugin for Winamp 2.x/5.x.
Festalon Festalon is a player for .nsf files (since version 0.5.5, it plays HES too). It can be built as a standalone command line player, as a xmms plugin or a winamp plugin.
Game Emu Player Game Emu Player is a foobar2000 plugin which adds decoding support for several game console music formats: AY, GBS, GYM, HES, KSS, NSF, SAP, SGC, SPC, and VGM.
Game Music Box Plays SPC, NSFE, NSF, GBS, VGM, and GYM files. It supports playlists, RAR, ZIP, and GZIP compression, batch recording to sound files, and uses an efficient band-limited engine for good sound quality and low processor load.
GameMusicGear~MX GameMusicGear~MX is a multiformat music player for PlayStation Portable designed with video game music in mind. It's based on some popular multiformat players like the xmms, winamp and mostly oldplay for the gp32.
N-Player With N-Player you can play your favorite SID tunes (Commodore 64), AY files (Amstrad and ZX Spectrum) and MOD/XM/S3M/MTM modules (Amiga) on your UIQ2 or UIQ3 smartphone.

Download the UIQ2 version if you own a Sony Ericsson P910, P900, or P800; a Motorola A920, A925, A1000, or M1000; a BenQ P30 or P31; an Arima U300 or U308; or a Nokia 6708.

Download the UIQ3 version if you own a Sony Ericsson P990, M600, W950, W960, P1, G700, or G900; or a Motorola Z8 or Z10.

On the Sony Ericsson P990, the program works in both Flip open and Flip closed mode.

NEZplug NEZplug is a plugin that plays NSF and KSS, GBR, GBS, HES, AY files.
NEZplug Plus Plus NEZplug++ is a modification to the original NEZplug which adds support for CPC files and SGC files.
vgmstream vgmstream is a library for playing streamed audio from video games. It is very much under development. There are two end-user bits: a command line decoder called "test", and a Winamp plugin called "in_vgmstream".

Since Ogg Vorbis, MPEG audio, and G.722.1 are now supported, you will need to have libvorbis.dll, libmpg123-0.dll, and libg7221_decode.dll somewhere Windows can find them. For in_vgmstream this means in the directory with winamp.exe, or in a system directory. For test.exe this means in the same directory as test.exe, or in a system directory.