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Sharp - X68000 Emulators

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Name Description
AX68K This emulator is discontinued now and lies behind both Ex68 and WinX68k. Both source code and binaries are included in the zip.
EX68 This 16-bit Japanese computer system was created by Sharp in 1986. Sold only in Japan, it had the best Arcade ports around, with many games available for it. It wasn't just good for games, it had great programs that you could use with it. This emulator does a great job of emulating the X68000, and even has FM and MIDI port sound emulation. It is, however, rather slow, and is in Japanese. The X68000 boot roms required by EX68 can be downloaded from here. For more information on the X68000.
Keropi (WinX68K) This emulator is a good X680x0 emulator, but most of the documentation isn't in English. Try it out and see. It's since been discontinued.
WinX68k High-Speed This is an unofficial version of Win68k. The English version requires that the font msgothic.ttc is installed (for displaying Japanese characters). Also, there is also a translation to Greek done by GreekRoms.
XM6 This is a Japanese X68000 emulator, but not much is known about it.

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