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Atari - Jaguar Emulators

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Name Description
Jaggy This emulator is not worth downloading if you wish to run games. The author has abandoned it, but he released the source in case anybody wanted to build upon it.
Jagulator This was the very first official Atari Jaguar emulator to be attempted. It uses the Motorola 68000 command processor. This emulator requires a boot ROM to run.
Project Tempest This is a work in progress that is very exciting. This emulator runs Raiden, Dino Dudes, and Cannon Fodder. I'm sure more will come along. A 2Ghz+ processor is required to run the games at full speed with sound.
T2K A rather unknown emulator, which seems to be focused primarily on Tempest 2000, although reports show its on par with Project Tempest.
Virtual Jaguar This emulator is now in active development again! Make sure you have at least DX5 installed and your graphics card can support OGL 1.2.

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