Turbo Grafx 16 Utilities

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Name Description
MeTool The main purpose of MeTool is to create and edit headers of ROM images used by Magic Engine. It is also a front-end for Magic engine and allows you to manage the backup RAM. Check it out.
PCE-RIP Ever want to rip your TG-16 CD, into an ISO? Neither have I. But, now that the new version of hu6280 is gonna be released, that uses CD's, you might want to. Check this utility out, it will let you make copies of your TG-16 CD's, but ripping the CD image, to an ISO. Check it out.
Order of the Griffon Falcone This is an editor for MagicEngine save states for Order of the Griffon. Requires VB6 runtime (bundled with Windows XP and beyond).