Turbo Grafx 16 Utilities

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Name Description
HuC This is a C compiler for Magic Engine (TG-16). Fairly complicated, but has some interesting features. You can create your own CDs with it (using a burner of course, but this means using it with the actual system!)
HuCEngine This release of HuC-Engine goes along with the 1.51 release of HuC:). Now in the (File->Setup) section you can choose whether you're compiling a HuCard, CD, or SCD (yet to be implemented in HuC), set 3 non value switches(-T-S-V), or add your own switch information in a text box (this would be used for adding optimization values etc...).The hotkeys have been changed around a little, and the default color scheme is now the one with the white background instead of blue.
Magic Kit This is a development kit for Turbo-Grafx/PC Engine ROMs. If you can't already tell, it allows you to create your own PCE ROMs. The new version adds support for NES development as well!
TG-16 Debugger This is a debugger for TG-16 ROMs. There is no documentation on it, so use it at your own risk. Also, this program requires DOS4GW.