Legend of Zelda The Ocarina of Time Soundfont

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Authored by Mathew Valente [TSSF]

Author's website: http://tssf.gamemusic.ca/Remakes/index.php?folder=WmVsZGE2NFN0dWZm

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
August 19, 2004 version 1.01 MB Download


Zelda fan says:
GREAT I have wanted this for a while now...

Zarade X says:
Thank you for including the midi's! Now I can make high-quality rips :)

Curious Developer says:
Do you know how legal it would be if I were to use this soundfont to develop music for one of my games? Would it infringe some copyright owned by you or Nintendo, or anything of that sort?

Anonymous says:
But no Ganon's organ? ):

hub says:
A nationwide time trial competition was supported by thousands of stores, as well as the hit TV show 64 Mario Stadium, The game itself came in a special presentation box, complete with free two-tone controller, all for the standard 9,800 yen price tag.

anon says:
no wooden chime from forest temple?

Anonymus2450 says:
This is a link to the past soundfont it's not ocaarina of time soundfont

To Curious Developer says:
A lot of times, these samples from old games like this are downsampled versions of samples from commercial synthesizers like Roland SC-88 or Proteus 2000 anyways so I don't see why not.

Blue Cheese Cult says:

Super Mario Power Bros says:
theres no soundfont just .midi files

game man287 says:
I didn't get anything from downloading it

Harmon Epher says:
porter robinson moment

kale says:
It appears as "Zelda: A link to the past Style Soundfont" but when you open the sounds they are actually Ocarina of Time sounds!!~ Just incase anyone doesn't know how, use VLC to use the "LttPSF2.sf2" soundfont file to play the midi's, or you can use FL Studio to open up the soundfont file and play music with the instruments. Hope this clears it up for anyone here. :)

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