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This little program lets you view sprites saved in Save States of SNES games from ZSNES. It also lets you view sprites from roms of the N64, NES, Genesis, TG16, Virtual Boy, and even Windows Icons. Although it doesnt let you edit them, it still is nice, and who knows, it might be big one day.

Author's website: http://members.tripod.com/FDwR/snes.htm

Operating System: DOS

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Felix says:
Doesn't work. None of these utilities work. They all close automatically when I try to open them. I'm on Windows Vista. What? Are these meant for the old windows or something?

aki says:
a u kidding, dude, they are for DOS :D

Dan says:
You have do add the path to file like a parameter.
Ex: sv.exe c:\game.snes

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