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Automated Sappy Driver audio ripper for Nintendo GameBoy Advance ROM files. Not all games are ripped 100%, but it will log what it found to be sappy compatible, where it couldn't find the remaining calls required. In these cases, knowing Thumb/Arm Assembly will be required to finish the ripping process. Also, you will need to know thumb/arm assembly to deal with games using other sound drivers, such as krawall (Harry Potter series, Lord or the Ring series), AAS (payback), or other custom drivers.

Please do not change the gsfby tag that it outputs, or if you do, put a * by it. Check here to find out why. In general, it is best to leave that tag as is.

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Operating System: Windows (any version)

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
December 2, 2004 version 143.75 KB Download


melonstube says:
If saptapper was unable to rip the game properly, but did find one of the sappy driver functions identifying it as being sappy compatible, an error will be written to STDERR, identifying what function it was not able to find.

Just A Dinosauria says:
Saptapper is a tiny and I can't see them. They are just GBA.

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