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The purpose of AYmake is to allow the creation of new AY files - the "ZXAMEMUL" format originally used by DeliAY (add-on part of the DeliTracker) on the Amiga. AY files are specifically for the playing of "128K music" using the AY-3-8912 soundchip at I/O addresses 49149 and 65533. According to standards it *CANNOT* be used for playing 128K samples or any 48K (internal speaker) sound. This is to maintain compatibility with the original player on the Amiga, however AYmake will allow you to make songs which have these in them since AYplay V0.2 can handle them. In addition, AY files can also play Amstrad CPC tunes (using the CPC ports), but AYplay is not very good at playing these!

AYMake requires the DOS/4GW extender. Download and uncompress it to the same directory as AYMake or somewhere in the path.

Author's website: http://www.worldofspectrum.org/x128/aymake.html

Operating System: MS-DOS

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
AYMake v0.0 14/08/1998 37.06 KB Download
DOS/4GW v2.01a 146.37 KB Download

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