GPU Utilities

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Name Description
CitizenX OpenGL Citizen X wrote this OpenGL plugin mainly for his Rendition V220. It may work on other cards, but it hasn't been tested.
Dr Hell's GDI GPU A relatively new plugin. Seems promissing.
Duddie Software This is a DirectX3 software graphics plugin for PSEmu Pro, made by Duddie himself.
E}I{'s GPU Plugin This is a software GPU plug-in that appears to have good compatibility. One to watch.
Fast GPU The main point of this plugin is to test GPU D3D compatibility.
Gpu Log This is a PSEMU Pro graphic plugin that is not really a plugin. It actually uses other plugins (redirects functions to them) but it logs whic functions are being called and what data is transfered. It also has some internal variables for tracking image transfer so that it will not log image data transfer.
Gpu Test This is a PSEMU Pro graphic plugin testing & benchmarking program.
Gpu Tvrd This is a PSEMU Pro Graphic Plugin which uses DirecX 8.0.
GpuBladeSoft This PSX GPU plugin, written by Vladimir Safronov a.k.a. Blade_Arma, supports OpenGL. It appears to have a lot of features, and even can 'emulate' the way the video would look on an old TV for those nostalgia fans.
gpuDemoHard This is a PSEMU Pro Graphic Plugin which uses DirecX 8.0. and can record demos of games to .avi format.
gpuRaw This is a PSEmu pro GPU plugin for emulator speed testing. It displays FPS, current speed and maximum speed achieved.
Kazzuya Software This is a software plugin written by Kazzuya. It should work with most video cards.
Knack's Soft Driver This is a software graphics plugin. It supports the EPSXE save states.
Lewpy's Glide GPU Plugin This Glide plugin written by Lewpy works well, is the best choice for 3DFX people.
Next3D A GPU plugin that uses Direct3D 9.
NextGL This GPU plugin is based on OpenGL.
NextGlide This GPU plugin is based on the Glide API used in 3DFx cards.
NextSoft This GPU plugin uses software rendering.
P.E.Op.S. PSX Soft GPU These are open-source, software based GPUs for Windows and Linux. They work well and are pretty fast.
Pete's GPU OGL2 Plugin This is an enhanced version of the OGL plugin included in the package below. It doesn't yet use OGL2, but it will soon. It is meant for modern systems and an Nvidia card with at least 64 MB of vram is recommended.The shaders are a bunch of custom shader programs that you can use to enhance the display.
Pete's GPU Plugins These are D3D plugins written by Pete. This contains his Open GL plugin and the DirectX 6 and 7 plugins, and are so far some of the most compatible plugins out there. If you use PSEmu Pro or ePSXe, download these.
Pete's MesaGL Linux PSX GPU It will be running fine at least on nVidias xfree4 glx, but all other cards with hw acceleration could also work.
Recorder Tools This is a set of plugins from Matesic Darko. One allows you to play REC files created by the gpuRecorder while using it with the PSX emulator. The other is a graphic plugin that acts as a wrapper for other plugins while saving information that are sent to the plugin into a file.
Segu Direct3D DX6.1 and DX7 D3D plugins written by Segu.
Tratax Glide These plugins were written by Tratax back in the hayday of PSEmu Pro. The new version is more compatible in some ways and less compatible in others.