Playstation PSF/PSF2 Utilities

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Name Description
Highly Experimental plugin Highly Experimental is a plugin for Winamp and XMPlay that plays PSF and PSF2 files. It features a tag editor, configurable title format, options for song lengths and silence suppression, replay gain scanning, and much more. For more information about the PSF format, visit the author's website.
PSF Decoder PSF Decoder is a foobar2000 plugin which adds decoding support for Sony Playstation Sound Format files (.PSF/.MINIPSF) as well as Playstation 2 Sound Format files (.PSF2/.MINIPSF2).
Sexypsf Sexypsf is a GPL .psf file player for Linux. It is based on pcsx and peops. It was maintained/hosted by Xodnizel until recently. Now it is an orphan project.