CDR Utilities

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Name Description
Barrett-K.'s CDR plugin This is a CDR Plug-in created by Barret & Kazzuya. Uses an ASPI Layer.
CDR Mooby One of the newer CD Plug-ins for PSEmu Pro Plug-in compatible emulators, It's largest plus is it's ability to play nearly all ISOs of your PSX Games!
CDR Mooby2 This is the next version of Mooby's great CDR Plug-in. It is a complete rewrite of the older version.
CdrSaPu This is still a fairly new CDR Plug-in, but already it has several read modes, and good performance.
cdrXeven This is XEven's CDR plugin.
DAO This plugin uses a CD image created on CDRWIN/DAO as a CD-ROM.
Duddie ASPI The first CD driver that came out, it has a massive amount of incompatibilities. I wouldn't recommend getting this unless you have an SCSI CD drive.
P.E.Op.S. PSX Soft The Windows PSX cdr emulation plugin, using the ASPI (W9X/ME) and IOCTL (W2K/XP) interfaces. It's based on the Pete's CDR plugin 1.11. Is open-source and It works well and is pretty fast.
Pete's ASPI CDR Plugin This is a CD-ROM plugin made by Pete.
Segu ASPI32 This plugin supports most CD-ROM drives in Windows.
Tratax ASPI This is an older ASPI plugin written by Tratax. It has good support, and it is supposedly faster than MSCDEX.
Tsg MSCDEX This is the first CD-ROM plugin that supported normal IDE CD-ROM drives. It still works fine, and has good compatibility.