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SlickNSF is an older NSF player made upon request by the author of NotSo Fatso. Instead of being a Winamp plugin like NotSo Fatso, it's a standalone app. The main focus of SlickNSF is to be as light-weight as possible, and to provide a trace logger for debugging NSFs (unlike NotSo, which has no tracelogger and is a bit more demanding). However, the sound quality doesn't match NotSo's, it lacks several of the features NotSo offers, and doesn't emulate all the expansion chips like NotSo does.

If you're an NSF ripper, SlickNSF can be a good tool for helping to debug/clean up your rips. But if you're just looking for casual NSF playback, the author recommends going with NotSo Fatso instead.

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Operating System: Windows (any version)

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December 3rd, 2003 version 43.49 KB Download

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