NES/SNES Utilities

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Name Description
6502 Disassembler Simply put, an NES disassembler, simple to use and not a bad program.
6502 Software Development Kit This is an unofficial SDK (software development kit) for the 6502 chip for use in Windows. It features a Multi-window text editor, an Integrated assembler with macro capabilities, a 6502 emulation with disassembler/debugger, a Project manager, a Memory and stack dump, an Object disassembler a Breakpoints, expression watching, step-by step execution, ... all what you may need. Check it out!
6502d Disassembler A simple re-write of the DOS version in Win32 written in BC++. It's very easy and convienient to use.
ISDA Intellegent Snes DisAssembler views Super Nintendo rom dumps in 65c816 assembly code to your screen. This disassembler is in its beta phase but still a valuable tool with many options.
NES DeCompose
NES Devkit This is a devkit for making NES demos. Currently is in a beta stage however the kit does show potencial.
NES Disassembler This is a NES disassembler that uses two-passes when disassembling and also displays I/O regs on the disassembled source and also detects if the 8K expansion RAM is used at $6000 or not. Also displays MMC1/MMC4 hardware regs.
SWGen A simple but effective program. Input the frequency of the wave you would like, some options, and SWGen outputs assembler to produce the sound.
TRaCER "The fastest NES/SNES (6502/65c816) disassembler for your PC!" By Y0SHi. I don't do any ASM stuff, so I haven't tried it.
X816 Assembler X816 assembler v1.12f.19960408. It is a NES6502 and SNES65816 cross assembler.