Glide Wrappers Utilities

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Name Description
Boost Wrapper This wrapper, although fast, is buggy as hell. When I ran this wrapper with UltraHLE, it crashed it. The cause was from DSound.dll, for some reason, the plugin was accessing the DLL. Anyway, The only way I could get the plugin to work, was to take off sound emulation from UltraHLE. After that, the plugin ran great. Except for the big time graphic glitches, ie princess's face. But anyway, Good wrapper for speed, bad for accuracy, and bugs.
Clide The first wrapper I have ever used. A very fast wrapper, but does not work on some games. Check it out if you have a slow video card.
eVoodoo This is a glide wrapper that will give you glide support with any Direct 3D compatible video card. It works well with UltraHLE.
GL2IDE A nice Glide Wrapper that works pretty good on UltraHLE, and other games. Try it out.
GL2ideal This is a glide wrapper based on the Gl2IDE Revision A includes both the DLL and the source.
Glid3d This is a glide wrapper that will give you glide support with any Direct 3D compatible video card. Its still a little buggy, but its worth a try.
Glide2x This is the glide2x.dll for for Voodoo Banshee cards. It's on here because Voodoo3 owners can use it to make their video cards work with UltraHLE. Just copy the glide2x.dll file into your UltraHLE directory.
MGlide This wrapper is great for some TNT cards, but dont expect it to run on many other cards. This wrapper also has some glitches.
nGlide nGlide is a 3Dfx Voodoo Glide wrapper which means it 'emulates' 3Dfx Glide Library, so you don't need to have a 3Dfx Voodoo card to play games written for Glide v2 API (glide2x.dll). nGlide translates all Glide callings to Direct3D, which is supported by almost all today's graphics cards. If you're looking for emulators to test it out on, you could try UltraHLE or the Glide plug-ins compatible with emulators such as Project64.
OpenGlide This is another good wrapper. Use this wrapper if XGL200, and others don't do well on your new 3d card. Also recommended.
X-Glide This Wrapper is pretty good. But lacks many features and is not recommended.
XGL200 This wrapper is the best I've seen. It supports MANY 3d cards, features Antialiasing, smoothing, Process Priority, Buffering, And more. This wrapper is recommended over them all!
zeckensack's Glide wrapper The next generation of glide wrappers, this emulates the programming interface for 3dfx Voodoo hardware, Glide 2.4 API, to be precise. It requires either an ATI Radeon or NVIDIA Geforce card and an MMX capable processor.