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A Windows and up-to-date alternative to Tile Layer which supports formats 1BPP,NES,GB/C, VB, NGPC,SNES (3BPP/4BPP), SMS, Genesis and a few others. You can edit more than 256 tiles at once, REALLY fast with no DirectX, Tile Arranger, user-defined RGB, NES, GBC and SNES palette (256 entries), resizable windows, tile flip x/y, rotate 90 degrees, shift up/down/left/right, copy/paste and drag&drop, undo up to the last 64 operations, export/import BMPs, auto checksum for GB/C roms, zoom in/out and goto offset. If you hack roms or develop consoles, you definitely want this. A hacked version has been added that works with .bin files.

Operating System: Windows

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
Download ??/??/?? 243.29 KB Download
HACK - Opens .bin 04/12/2010 185.70 KB Download


Josh says:
Thanks for this program!

Josh says:
Thanks for this program!

Sonic says:
Cool but can u use copy and paste

tommy pop says:
i could desing a cool rom hack

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