GameBoy Utilities

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Name Description
Crystallis Save Editor Fairly simple editor that only works with the save files from hellogb. Allows you to adjust the stats of the main character and give any equipment to him.
Final Fantasy Legend 1 This is a savestate editor for Final Fantasy Legend 1.
Harvest Moon 2 Save Editor This utility will work only with Hellogb savestates. It can adjust many numeric values - current date, time, Lumber, etc...
Legend of the River King 2 Save Editor Legend of River King 2 Save Editor (v1.0) is another gamesave editor made by Epoch. It is for Hellogb savestates only. It can change your stats (Health, EXP), baits, rods, money, time and a few other things. It has its own built-in help file in case you don't know how to use it.
Lufia: The Legend Returns Save Editor Lufia: The Legend Returns Save Editor that edits HGB states and can hack the following things: levels, hp, mp, ALL stats, waves, items, scrolls, gold, lp and the 12 chrs + the Dragon Egg.
No$GMB Pokemon Gold Editor for Java This No$GMB savestate editor lets you edit who you're fighting, your level, your pokedex and gives you a TMHM editor.
Pokemon Crystal Save Editor This Save Editor is used to edit .sna files from no$GMB (snapshot files) or .st0 files from REW, with many features - can edit - Pokemon, TMs, HMs, Attacks, Stats, Items, and more.
Pokemon Gold Editor This REW savestate editor lets you edit who you're fighting, your level, as well as give yourself a full Pokedex.
Pokemon Gold Editor A HelloGB savestate editor that is overflowing with features. Customize just about everything to your heart's content. (Check the readme.txt!)
Pokemon Gold Saved Game Editor This editor lets you change the maximum amount of money, edit all the items in your main list, edit the balls, also you can add a few rare candy's. Only HelloGB Save States will work with this editor.
Pokemon Save Game Editor A nice little utility that enables you to edit the saved games for Pokemon Red and Blue. Take a look, you might like it.
Zelda DX Save Editor Only HelloGB save states will work with this editor. Lots of features and a very easy Windows interface.
Zelda DX SSE This is a save state editor for Zelda DX for the GameBoy.
Zelda The Oracle of Ages Save State Editor Edits HGB save states of Zelda The Oracle of Ages.