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Name Description
8x8 Font Archive Working on a translation and need a font that fits? For whatever the reason, eventually you'll want to change a game's font. So in this zip file there are over 100 different fonts! These fonts range from 8x8 to 8x16 and beyond. If you only need a simple font like a 4 color NES one or a high color PlayStation font you can find it all in one place. Use it with TLayer Pro!
Font Package A collection of 11 beautiful 8x8 fonts for your next hack or translation project. Just copy and paste with DirectEd or TLayer or something.
Font Package 2 The original was just so good, a sequel was inevitable. 10 more fonts for your hacking pleasure.
Font Package 3 Here is another one that I found while checking their site. Enjoy!
GB Font Maker This allows you to create a font, and then will give you the hex value of it.