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ZX-Spectrum AY/PSG Utilities

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Name Description
aylet aylet plays music files in the `.ay' format. These files are essentially wrappers around bits of Z80 code which play music on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128's sound hardware - either the beeper, or (eponymously) the AY-3-8912 sound chip. Files using the Amstrad CPC ports are also supported.

AYLet.gp2x is a port of aylet to the GP2X, Gamepark Holding's handheld game and media player.

AYPlay This software allows you to play AY-3-8912 Spectrum tunes through the SB, output can be up to 44Khz, you can also output the sound to a VOC file. Stereo is only guarantees to go up to 22Khz. It's a bit like SIDPlay (or PlaySID) in operation. This program is for DOS, uses non-portable assembly code (for some parts) and is proud of it!

AYPlay requires a SB 2.0 or above, although a SB 2.0 will not be able to go above 22Khz. A 486 can handle up to 44Khz, maybe a 386? If the PC is too slow, then fuzz and crackle will creep into the tune, try using a lower sampling rate.

The tunes that this can play are those that are used on the Amiga's DeliAY, part of the DELI-Tracker. Also only files of the type ZXAYEMUL and extension .AY will work.

AYPlay requires the DOS/4GW extender. Download and uncompress it to the same directory as AYPlay or somewhere in the path.

Micro Speccy An .AY and .AYM-files player for Win95/98/NT.
SpecAY This program is designed to take a standard AY music file (which are really intended for use with Emulators) and allow it to be played-back on a genuine, physical Sinclair Spectrum machine. The vast majority of existing AY files are supported, and the program can run on any of the Sinclair 128k machines, including the original Spectrum 128, the +2, +3 etc.
vbAY vbAY is the DOS (up to v1.6) and Windows (v2.0 and up) player of .VTX, .AZX and .PSG files. vbAY emulates AY-3-8912, that explains 'AY' in the name.

DOS version requires a computer with the Sound Blaster compatible sound card if you want the real time sound output or lots of free disk space if you want to prerender the WAVE files to use them somewhere else. It supports sample rates of up to 45454, stereo/mono. vbAY is be able to render the sound in high res.

Windows version supports most of the features above, except for wave dumping because you can use the dos version for that. Especially since there're playlists supported.

Emulators on:
iOS (iPhone)
Windows Mobile

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