Arcade Utilities

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Name Description
M1 M1 lets you enjoy music from over 1400 arcade games, from the classics through the 3D era. It even supports games for which full emulation isn't otherwise possible. For most games, you can also listen to all the sound effects, but 100% coverage is not guaranteed of all sounds in all games.

M1 plays the music from arcade games by running the code in the original ROMs (not supplied). This allows entirely authentic playback of classic video game tunes while you work.

Nebula Jukebox This program emulates: QSound hardware of CPS2 and ZN games; YM2151+ADPCM of CPS1 games; YM2610 of Neogeo games; YM2151+ADPCM of Konami games; ICS2115 of PolyGameMaster games; 1 SCSP of Sega Model 2A/2B/2C games and 2 SCSPs of Sega Model 3; MultiPCM in Model 2 games (by R. Belmont); DSB-1 in Sega Touring Car Championship and Scud Race; DSB-2 in Top Skater and Sega Rally 2. It allows you to hear the music and sound effects of these games.
QPlayer QPlayer is a QSound emulator. It can play the music and sound effects from arcade games based on Capcom's CPS-2, ZN-1 and ZN-2 hardware.
The Sounds Good Emulator It's an audio-only emulator for the Bally/Midway "Sounds Good" (SG) and "Cheap Squeak Deluxe" (CSD) boards. The "Sounds Good" board was first used in "Rampage" and later used in games like "Xenophobe".