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vio2sf is a Nintendo DS audio plugin for foobar2000, Winamp, and KbMedia Player based on the DeSmuMe emulator engine.

Author's website:

Operating System: foobar2000 0.8.x and 0.9.x; Winamp 2.x and 5.x; KbMedia Player

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v0.23 2010/01/19 257.13 KB Download


Evan Connolly says:
This is total garbage. It neither works for foobar2000 nor Winamp.

Michael Ponder says:
For winamp, make sure both in_vio2sf.dll and in_vio2sfu.dll AND vio2sf.bin are in the plugins folder.
You can't just use the 2 DLL files, you have to have the Vio2sf.bin in the plugin folder as well.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!

David Royston says:
On the website it said that vio2sf 0.26.2 works on foobar2000 1.4 and newer. Why won't it play in 1.6+? It doesn't make any sense! It's a fatal flaw in the component and it's false advertising to this day! I guess there IS such thing as being "too new".

garbageman says:
doesn't work no matter what

goyagoyababu says:
Works fine. I'm using Win10x64 with Winamp v2.95. Dropped EVERYTHING inside the .zip into the plugins folder and it works perfectly fine for me.

HERB says:
goyagoyababu's advice worked 100% on my machine as of 5/13/2022
I'm using windows10X64 as well.

NotHereBoi says:
Read the text files that usually come with the download; usually the ReadMe file but in this case it's vio2sf.txt. Install instructions are usually right there. Anyways, following those, this works well on Winamp 5.8 running Win10x64 as of 7/15/2022.

a randomly endless person says:
Is there a player for .3sf/ 3DS files? I know it's slightly off topic, but i just noticed that there isn't any section in the players for these files.

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