Rant about HUMANS

Just saying Mike Judge fucking knows the world.
Watch Idiocracy

Edit: Also I want all you motherfuckers to go to school. I don't give a damn if you think it won't help. I don't give a damn if you think you are too old. I don't give a damn you don't have money. I don't give a damn you don't have the time. FUCK YOU GO BACK TO SCHOOL GET A GOD DAMN BACHELORS DEGREE IN SOMETHING YOU LIKE AND DON'T MAJOR IN SOME BULLSHIT ACCOUNTING TO GET A GOD DAMN JOB. All the indian fucks, the chinese fucks, the euro fucks can go suck a dick because RIGHT NOW THEY ARE IN U.S. SCHOOLS AND GOING BACK TO THERE SHIT!!! GO THERE FUCKING NOW BEFORE ITS TOO FUCKING LATE. I AM TALKING NEXT FUCKING SEMESTER GOD DAMN JANUARY!!!! SIGN UP FUCKING RIGHT AFTER YOU READ THIS GOD DAMN MESSAGE!!! GET A FUCKING LOAN AND A FUCKING PELL GRANT RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!!!

HERE I will make it easy on you.
http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ <-DO THIS RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!!!
Take 2 classes a semester and go for fucking 8 years I don't give a damn just go and fucking finish!!! MAKE FUCKING """"''A''s"""" GOD DAMN IT

MORE EDITING: You will have to refresh this as I am editing this shit on the fly because I want this out there fast as fucking possible

okay I think I'm done
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There should be an exam before having kids. An exam with questions, and you need 100 % so you can have kids. I'm 50 % joking.
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