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    Are people still alive in here ?

    No offense to the newer members (welcome), but asking about the older members, those who were here since the beginnings.
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    So, ZMD is wishing me happy birthday...

    Thanks I guess :cool:
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    My workplace changed their work schedules...

    The new work schedule: Moday: 8 am to 8 pm Tuesday: 8 am to 8 pm Wednesday: 8 am to 8 pm 7 days off Thursday: 8 am to 8 pm Friday: 8 am to 8 pm Saturday: 8 am to 8 pm 1 day off Monday: 7 pm to 8 am Tuesday: 8 pm to 8 am Wednesday: 8 pm to 8 am Thursday: 8 pm to 4:30 am and after it repeats...
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    I finished Metroid - Other M today...

    Ok, now I can put the disc back in it's case, and never touch it again... :scared:
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    Metroid: Other M

    Anyone tried it ? How is it ? I'd buy it, but I fear the new design of the game, I don't know. Maybe I should rent it before.
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    Iron Maiden's The Final Frontier and Christopher Nolan's Inception

    Awesome, and I speak for both. The Final Frontier is, in my opinion, the best one since the Brave New World. As for Inception, loved the idea behind the movie.
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    So I bought a PS3 today...

    I also bought Metal Gear Solid 4. (THE reason why I bought the console). I used to play the first three games on the normal mode, but this game seems harder, or maybe it's me since I didn't have the time to play games for a couple of months.
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    Bigger screens with no$gba (ds games)

    I wanted to try the DS castlevanias, and everything works fine. I just find the screens to be way to small. Is there a way to increase them/play with the size ?
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    Windows 7

    Who tried it ? Who's using it ? I have it since it came with my laptop. I have the Home Premium (in french). I love it, a big improvement over Vista, and I have to say it, over XP too. When XP came out and when Vista came out too, for me, XP was the best Windows. Now, 7 became my favorite one.
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    Java or any web based IRC client ?

    Do-able, possible ? Would be great for a quick chat :)
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    New laptop !

    It's a Samsung R580 Here's the specs: Operation System Operation System Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium (32b) (ENG, CHT or CHS) Processor Processor Intel® Core™ i3 Processor 330M (2.13 GHz, 3 MB) Main Chipset Main Chipset Intel HM55 Memory System Memory...
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    So, for the first time today...

    I've worked on 4000 Volts. Even with all the precautions, you still have to be careful. I work in a Chrysotile mine, and we do anything from 5 V to 69 000 V. Today I've also worked on an electric motor that works on 4000 V, running with 33 A and having a power of 260 HP. To give you an idea, the...
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    Eddy Grant vs Gorillaz

    From Gorillaz has long been applaudedas one of pop music's most unique outfits. But now, Damon Albarn's virtual band is being accused of plagiarism. Reggae singer Eddy Grant, best known for his 1982 hit "Electric Avenue," has claimed that the animated band took...
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    Adblocking in Opera

    Yes, I'm an Opera lover. Firefox is a great browser, but it also like to eat ram. The only thing I'm missing in Opera is ad-filtering. I was wondering if you guys knew any.
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    In general emulation...

    Put Edman's title (No rom/iso requestion) in bold, so it will catch the eye more easily. Perhaps should we add "games" in the title, since some people do not know that the games are actually called roms.
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