Zophar's Retro Rewind Trailer - new YouTube series starting 11.9.23


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Greetings, mortals.

I've been working on an emulation retrospective YouTube series for the last few months and I'm happy to report that episode 1 will officially be dropping on 11.9.23, the 27th anniversary of the day I uploaded notepad-edited HTML files into the massive space known as the Internet.

Trailer is below. Please spread the word. Liking/sharing/commenting/subscribing will all help visibility. Let's go!

Zophar's Retro Rewind Trailer
Hello Zophar

I would love to hear the gossip of the past days... you had trolls back in the 90's, there was teenager drama, issues, people stealing the source code of Emulators.... How, when, why? I want to know it all !!!

I wish you luck.


Note: Remember to subscribe to : https://www.youtube.com/@zophar1
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