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Hi. I no longer have access to create "Post thread" on the "Emulation News" forum. The "Post thread" button does not appear on this forum.

OK, I've fixed that. Turns out secondary group permissions aren't inherited in forum level. If there is a forum level permissions exception for the registered usergroup, it has to be specifically set for other usergroups as well.
Hi Edman

I found a new issue in the differences between the Forum post and what it is shown on the main page.

When I post an emulation news with several pictures. Like a logo on the top and two thumbnail after the text, it get all messy on the main Zophar's Page.

Please check the attached screenshots. The forum one is the correct one that should be displayed on the main page.



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I will look into it!
Hey hey hey! Love the layout, and thank you for keeping it going all these years later! I noticed the other day when trying to submit news on the SNESticle source code that I also lost posting permissions, so I submitted it the "guest' way - assume it was you or Martini that approved and popped it up there, so thank you!

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help at all with anything you've got planned. While I've been ridiculously busy these past few years, I decided to start "dipping my toes" back into things recently and think there just may be a small 2nd wind in me. :)
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