Zophar's Domain turns 27 years old today!


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Greetings, mortals.

Today marks the 27th anniversary of Zophar's Domain. It's hard to believe that 27 years ago on this very day, I uploaded the very first index.html file to ZipLink Dialup ISP with a GameGear-style image-mapped graphic that made up the first six emulation sections of Zophar's Domain: GameBoy, Sega Master System/GameGear, Arcade, NES, SNES and Sega Genesis. So much has changed since then, but the core of the mission has not changed: helping to bring emulation to the world and shouting it from the rooftops. We could not have done it without all of the amazing people who have contributed to Zophar's Domain over the years, and I am truly thankful to each and every one of you for all your hard work - and I know Edman is as well.

Back in 1999. I began work on a retrospective that was to be known as "The Chronicles of Zophar" which would have detailed the history of emulation up until that point, from my perspective. While that series never came to fruition, I'm happy to share that the project has morphed into a new YouTube series - "Zophar's Retro Rewind", and its release is now upon us. The show's premiere will be live on YouTube tonight at 8:00PM EST - Zophar's Retro Rewind Episode 1: The Internet's First Streaming Emulation Show - and I'd love for you all to join me as we take a deep look at the 4-episode streaming experiment from 1999-2000: "Zophar's Underworld". Warning: Retro feels may ensue.

Thanks for an amazing 27 years, mortals. I'll see you all there.

Emulation & Retrogaming Forever!
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