YM2608 documentation, cracks YM2612 wide open!

Autumn Able

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YM2608 Document from Yamaha

Someone got ahold of the official Yamaha documentation of the YM2608, from which the YM2612 directly descended from. Was in Japanese, but someone gave it a wonderful translation to english. It tells pretty much everything you needed to know about the YM2612, even the fine details that no other document even mentioned (like the flashback/GEMS sound bug).

I'm pretty sure quite a few Genesis emulators will be getting some major audio updates soon.
Not only Genesis emulators, but DOS emulators get a nice benefit from this for better OPL2 too
MAMEdev will certainly like it a lot. From what I've heard, SteveSnake has pretty much perfected the YM2612 in Kega Fusion, but refuses to share what he's learned about it with anyone else. It's also closed source, so no one can really do anything about it.
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