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Yes, it is.

Somehow, I'm not surprised... I'd post mine, but mine is secret. <img src=>
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guess what, mine actually has changed somewhat!

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where's the taskbar, you ask? hidden, of course. you seriously think THAT habit's going to change anytime soon? i have a hidden taskbar and hidden folder toolbars on the top and bottom of my screen. one click access to everything i ever use, without taking up any space.

PaniPoni Dash!, btw, is the best anime presently in existance. if you haven't yet watched an episode, get off your lazy arse and watch one!
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The Desktop Extravaganza

Usually, I'd just post a shot of my desktop here and that would be that. But not this time.

This time, I shall post a history of all the past desktops of mine I have found saved on this PC and a final mad extravaganza for the current desktop. My account may not handle this too well, so expect errors about download limitations. XP desktop, March 2004</a> (Image size = 1.2MB)

This one is quite nice. Lina stayed on my desktop for a long time. For an idea of how old this is, Hotline Connect Client (I can't even remember the last time I used that), Winamp (switched first to foobar2000, then Amarok), and Mozilla Firebird links are still present. I also see an install program shortcut for Flash Player 7, which serves to remind me that I'm using that right now (Flash Player 7 = The latest Flash Player for Linux). XP desktop, June 2005</a> (Image size = 1.1MB)

More recent now. The wallpaper comes from Wikipedia, and the desktop is noticably less cluttered now. Winamp has given way to foobar2000, X-Chat is still there (third-party binary at this point), and Paint Shop Pro 7 (which I still miss at times) is there too. XP desktop, April 2006</a> (Image size = 825KB)

By this point, I was dual-booting with Kubuntu and slowly transitioning everything. The desktop is of XP-tan (I should've really had Homeko there as used Windows XP Home, but I couldn't find a good desktop image of her). I don't know why the toolbar isn't showing, but I'd most likely be running much the same as the last desktop. The only real notable addition is Media Player Classic, which I gradually grew to like after searching for a decent media player. desktop, April 2006</a> (Image size = 60KB)

The first screenshot I took of Kubuntu. My habit of time-stamping the files went out of the window temporarily due to the excitement. The wallpaper is standard, the apps are standard, the settings are standard. I soon went about changing that. Makes for a small file size on the screenshot though. desktop, April 2006</a> (Image size =490KB)

Slightly later on, I've now started to personalize things a bit, but still not really there yet. The desktop is Ubuntu-tan. desktop 1, August 2006</a> (Image size = 490KB) desktop 2, August 2006</a> (Image size = 590KB) desktop 3, August 2006</a> (Image size = 1.1MB) desktop 4, August 2006</a> (Image size = 1.0MB)

Yep, that's all four of my desktops, all with different wallpapers. Ubuntu-tan is on desktop 1, desktop 2 features Firefox-ko (who is also featured on the Firefox toolbar button if you look closely enough), desktop 3 is another one from Wikipedia (cropped and resized to fit without distortion), and desktop 4 was taken from a KDE desktop site. Firefox is now established as my primary browser, Irssi is my IRC client, and Amarok plays near perpertually in the background on random playback of a 117 track playlist.

Finally, to really push the boat out, MONTAGE SHOT</a>. That's all four of my current desktops in one image, and it's 4.9MB in size. I may post this to the 4chan High Resolution board at some point, since I doubt more than maybe one or two people will be able to download it before decide they've had enough and download limits kick in.

Well, that's it. All of the desktops I have shots of, past and present, in one post. I hope you found it enjoyable.
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Re: The Desktop Extravaganza

> This time, I shall post a history of all the past desktops
> of mine I have found saved on this PC and a final mad

> extravaganza for the current desktop. My
> account may not handle this too well, so expect errors about
> download limitations.

you've killed their servers... slicersv AT jee mail DOT com. send me the files and i'll host them on my website.
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> (I say this having just watched all six SW films this week
> for no good reason. My girlfriend even stuck around for all
> of it - she's a keeper!)

My wife likes Firefly. ;) And we both go 'eh!' to Star Wars.
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