With which registrars and hosts have you had good or bad experiences?


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Any of you who have a site of your own: Like the topic says, what have been your experiences with various DN registrars and website hosts?
hm. I have never been hosted in the US. I think they are too expensive.
Now I have my own servers and others ask me to host them. I think the most important features are security, security and security. Sounds extreme? Yes. Maybe it's like buying a car. Don't be fooled by ads and features you don't need.
Well I was on FreeHostia for a long time, and ended up in a rather protracted debate with them. It turns out any page with the string "www.mininova.org" is clumsily filtered by the server, resulting in a near-blank page with the cryptic error "12 RSS is forbidden!". After an absolutely unbelievable back-and-forth that spilled over into a lengthy forum topic over the 16-day debacle, FreeHostia finally admitted the problem. Well, sort of anyway, they called it a 'security restriction'. It was close enough for me to just pack up and leave though.

Aside from that, their tools were pretty good, the speed seemed nice, there were no banners or pop-ups ever applied to my pages, and the server was quite reliable. The only problems were the strange censorship issue you see above (Mininova is 'warez' but The Pirate Bay isn't?!?) and the technical support, who were either unwilling to help anyone using a free account or just plain incompetent. If you don't see yourself running into the 'security restrictions' and can manage without any technical support, it would make a pretty good host really.
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