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Would it be possible to take Windows software (particuarly windows picture and fax viewer) from an XP comp, and put it on a windows 2000 comp? (Without lots of hacking?)

If this is too controversial, (<img src=smilies/mystery.gif>) the mods should delete this post.

You can never be too careful...
not really, its not an exe, its rundll. so, to hack it out, you'd need to exec. rundll somehow on 2k. I dont even know that if . its possible to transplant it into 2k from XP. shame though, i happen to like it much better than using IE or firefox.
Wouldn't foobar or GIMP work as good as they do? Just an uneducated guess, since I never used either of them but heard they were good...

But anyway, Windows 2000 already has PictureViewer.exe, no? Windows 98SE does...
> Windows 2000 already has PictureViewer.exe, no? Windows 98SE does...

Yeah, but... the viewer on 2000 is some kind of kodak software and won't open half of the types of picture files.

Also, new question. I kinda like MSPaint, and the way it can open just about any picture file. (On XP) The 2k version only opens bitmaps. (which sucks) Do you think there's a DLL somewhere in system 32 that I could transplant?
Heh, I don't see what's so controversial about this post at all. OS hacking is a fun pasttime. :D

As long as you grab the associated DLL files and stuff, and stick them in the right places, I don't know why not.

I kept MSConfig on my Win2k system for years... nabbed it from an old Win98 system. :p

Give it a try and see what it does. Worst thing that would happen would be that the application wouldn't run anymore... if so, just restore it from wherever you backed it up to. <img src=smilies/thumb.gif>
I'm not too sure about windows software, like modifying it the way you want.

However, when I open a jpeg or gif file with Paint, it always works. You can probably set the file associations manually, like I did once...Though now that I reformatted my PC, iexplore.exe opens all my picture files.

I have Kodak Imaging too. That should open Fax files, though I never used it for that purpose...

PNG won't open in Paint for 98, not sure about 2k...
c'mon people! just come and join us Irfanview lovers.

if a file extension exists, animated, video, audio/video, audio, or static image, IRFANVIEW CAN HANDLE IT with the proper plugins. Irfanview is free, Irfanview opens everything and does a bazillion filter techniques, it allows you to choose the save quality of your png's, jpg's and gif's, it supports mng, the animated version of png... the freaking list goes on and on and on... GET IT, TRY IT, LOVE IT! <img src=smilies/director.gif>
> I've heard a lot of people like Irfanview is it as good as
> Picasa?

Personally, I like Picasa a lot better than Irfanview, although, i think Irfanview is a little more featureful.
> I got this before you had to pay for it. It rocks.

almost sounds like it was originally from the KDE folks with the name "konverter" :p

i wouldn't want that on my computer, personally, just because of the name.
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