What is it with all these people with "dark" names?


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Is there some Jungian personality struggle with the shadow that video gamers have?

OK. Stop.

The dark side (dork side) could be seen as a snare and a trap, it is not wise to mire oneself in it.

The cosmic joke: the bad guy on TV that gets defeated MIGHT be a trick. The "enemy" in the game MIGHT be a way to get you to think in a distorted manner.

BUT...there might be a reason. Follow the "dork side" long enough and you might just find out why. But seriously, you don't want to. Ech.
Ok Reaper_Man, let me explain it.

You are in your element. LEAD.

In the art-ificial world, lead is as BASE as things get. It's even worse than iron, which is heavy, clunky and hard in itself.

Lead let's NO LIGHT in. As in, its a way to exist in TOTAL ignorance. It's undesirable, incapable of doing anything but weighing you down and burdening you.

EDIT: If there were a light as powerful as a gamma ray, lead would BLOCK it.

Of course, one could try to transmute lead to gold, but you know how that works out. Maybe it works as a metaphor though?
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My name has both "white" and "light" in it, but it has nothing to do with any symbolism.

Whole 'nother story behind it.
I do not condone or understand what some of you guys are saying.
So I interrupt with wonder: If anything what does my name mean to thee?

A smasher of images, a destroyer of illusions. One who destroys appearances, facades and artificesbto reveal what lies beyond.

Or it could just be a really cool rebellious sounding name.

Well let's look at iconoclasm.

At one point I was an avid smasher of images; I stood up for what I thought was the truth, and everything was all rebellious and dandy. However, I found out that THEY thought of pretty much EVERY scenario of rebellion and how to counter it.

Then the situation is something like: "wha--at?! You mean, they really do go to hell---w-w-wait, that's too much, wait, I'm totally fucked if I don't conform...wait, eternal fire...shit, this whole metasphysics thing opens up a whole new dimension of possibilities. I mean, if its even possible for metaphysics to be valid, we're openning up a whole canister off whoopass. Yikes!"

And then I was defeated by Them.

Perhaps "them" is the only dark name in this thread.

Yes. Yes, and there is no "you", the idea of "you" gives birth to untold pain, separation and illusion.

The problem is...well I'll be honest: total, unimaginable fear and terror, visions of eternies of agony, maledictions of overgrown tribal deities, demiurges spilling from the lips of Greek philosophers into unimaginable terrorizers, denied darkness congealing into malefic adversaries, portions of the brain given autonomy to destroy the rest. Horrible waking dreams of agony, whimpering in confusion, art-raped by the shadows of 2 millenia of sickness.

I'd go on, but it just gets worse.
The dark side (dork side) could be seen as a snare and a trap, it is not wise to mire oneself in it.

There *is* no dark side. There are only you and useless thoughts about it.

At one point I was an avid smasher of images...

At one point I was very much into philosophy and deep meaningless thoughts like your last posts/threads. Then I had a revelation and realised that it don't mean a thing and that it just detracts from my experience of life.

And then I was defeated by Them.

And "Them" would be...?
... What is the point of this thread?

Aside from a couch philosopher having a wank fest?
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White Light Brown, eh? Interesting name; do tell the origin.

There's not much to it, really. Anytime I would hang out with my friends (all of which are black), and something would come up in conversation about race, everyone would forgive my whiteness, saying "You're not white, you're more like a white/light brown."

So it kind of stuck after a while, and I actually rap now with that alias. :)
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