What bands do you think have great concerts?


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I’ve been to a few concerts. All the same band - The Moody Blues. All at what used to be called Pine Knob (Michigan), an open air venue. I liked that the fans were very polite, not pushy. I’ve even seen people with small children, strollers, and infants. Once, I saw 4 generations enjoying the music. I guess the reason the fans were not pushy was what went on on the grass seats. Everybody got a contact high just walking by. I usually go alone. Every time I either invite someone or go with someone things don’t exactly go smoothly. So, I go by myself - less hassle.

Last time they came to Michigan, they came to a venue about 6 hours drive 1 way. Besides that, the members that haven’t retired yet are in their 70s so I don’t think they have too many more concerts in their future.:D

I know, just pick a band and go, but I’m not a pushy person and I know 2 things - in one of those crowds where everyone is packed in like sardines, all I’ll see is armpits and elbows (I’m short - 5’) and it won’t matter how close my seat is, when everyone starts shoving and pushing, I’ll end up in the back.

I know I won’t find anything like the concerts I’m used to. I’m not trying, just trying to find more concerts or at least A concert that I can feel comfortable going. I enjoyed going to concerts and haven’t been for a few years. I’d like to plan on going to a concert next year and I tend to plan ahead so I have enough money for the tickets and maybe buying a couple things. So that’s why I’m putting this out now instead of waiting til spring.

EDITED: I’m sorry, I got a bit winded with what I wrote and muddled the thing in the process. What I intended (and I think I missed the mark by a mile in my description) is if you’ve gone to a concert that you really enjoyed and you think the band is at least good, that’s what I intended for this thread. Any band/singer any concert or does no one go to concerts anymore.:erm:
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I love going to concerts and festivals. I've lost track over how many bands or shows I've gone to a very long time ago. :p I'm usually very specific about what concerts I go to unless I'm at a festival. I've found a lot of cool new music just wandering about at a festival. <3
Oh man, that's going to be a long list. In no particular order:

Pink Floyd, Placebo, Muse, Mew, The Prodigy, Prince, Apoptygma Berzerk, Combichrist, Gåte, Seigmen, Zeromancer, Foo Fighters, Die Antwoord, Turbonegro, NOFX, The Cat Empire, VNV Nation, Justice

There are loads more. I should find my ticket stub collection.
Forgive me for saying it, but.. Insane Clown Posse.

They suck hard, but they know how to put on an awesome show.
I'm going to have to look some of them up. Any of them have crowds not too wild?

The Cat Empire would be the one I'd recommend from that list if you don't want to end up in a mosh pit or something. ;p There will probably be dancing though!
The Cat Empire would be the one I'd recommend from that list if you don't want to end up in a mosh pit or something. ;p There will probably be dancing though!

Thank you. I'm 5' and not pushy. I can't imagine or rather I can imagine where I'd end up in a mash pit. Dancing is good. I can jitterbug to almost anything with a good beat.
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