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I could have mentioned this earlier but I assumed that such an obvious error would be found and fixed straight away but as it hasn't I can only also assume that it only affects those who use 4:3 screen resolutions, which can't be many people other than me any more.
If you do view any page now with a resolution of 1024x768 for example you'll see that the title banner now obscures a good potion of the page including the list on the top right hand side. My computer (and monitor) are really old so no wonder no one else has had this problem thus far.
Thanks for the great site anyway, it's more or less the most thorough emulation site out there I'd say.:bigthumbup:
Are you using Firefox? Cause I too had the same problem, all I did to fix it was turn my Ad-blocker off, and that fixed it, but it would be nice to have that fixed.
LOL, I didnt see this thread, I just posted up the same problem.

You can also adblock, the banner. Im ideologically opposed to ads, its no longer a part of my life. I dont even own a TV to stay away from that extra mind clutter. Turning off adblock isnt an option for me. But I rather Zophar fix it, as I like how their banner looks and am in complete support of the cause, I tell everyone interested in old school gaming to come here and to get game gamepads on ebay. PS gamepads go for like 2 bucks each.
Are you ideologically opposed to sites closing down because of the lack of ad revenue to keep them alive?
So wait, this is caused by adblock only? Because I tried setting the resolution to 1024x768 and the page is perfectly OK.

Im ideologically opposed to ads, its no longer a part of my life.
Except that works only on small sites like this one. On big sites there are opportunities for advertising you probably don't even know about. You think you're looking at content but in reality its advertising. Even games within facebook now have undisclosed advertising in them. Its small sites like this one that are getting screwed over by ad-blindness and adblockers.
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