this one should be easy

> I have this stupid blue bar on the desktop that won't go
> away. I have fiddled around a bit with no luck, so am
> asking if anyone here knows how to get rid of it. screencap
> enclosed.

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> reboot?
Nah. This thing has been there for several months. I just never got around to asking about it.
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Screen burn, maybe???
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> Screen burn, maybe???

Try changing themes, disabling all web items (Display Properties > Desktop > Customize Desktop > Web). If that fails try deleting any desktop.ini (I think that's what it's called, right?) or any other hidden files on your desktop (you will need to enable the viewing of hidden files and folders, and system files and folders in explorer). There should/would be a small file that's hidden that controls the display settings, etc. Delete it. If you need to, delete it from recovery console/safe mode so it won't be overwritten by the same old settings.

Just a few ideas there.
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> Screen burn, maybe???

I don't think so...that's the info pane that XP shows on normal folders...I didn't know there was a way to get it to display at all in the regular Desktop view (as opposed to navigating there on whatever drive windows is on).

I have no idea how to fix this...maybe find Documents and Settings, your user name, Desktop, right click and choose properties, then Customize, Set to Default then hit apply...don't know if it'd do anything though.

Have you tried reinstalling XP?
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> Have you tried reinstalling XP?
Nope, its not that huge of a deal, just a minor pain in the ass. If someone knows how to get rid of it great, if not I will just put up with it. It's the family computer anyway.
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It's that details bar on the right side of the desktop. Windows doesn't want to stretch your background vertically, and thus lose the original aspect ratio, so it fits it to the width and fills the rest with XP's default blue or "no background" color.
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