The true lords of the Earth


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There true rulers of this Earth are not who you think they are. It is not corporations, it is not Freemasons, Illuminati, N.W.O. types--it is not any of this. The true rulers of this world are, and have always been, homosexuals.

In the year 50,000 B.C. a group of interdimensional, homosexual aliens who were able to reproduce anally arrived on the Earth and started manipulating genes and enlisting agents, who were controlled from birth using special mind powers and would eventually be initiated at certain point as active agents during a shocking illumination as to their true place in reality. These active agents were initally called shamans, and were given access to other worlds, including lands of the dead which were controlled by the aliens, and were given certain mental powers over life and death, clairvoyance, telepathy, the ability to transfer their conscioussness and move out of their bodies in order to look through other humans' eyes, and other supernatural feats. Having submitted to the aliens' plan these shamans would be initated into their true, homosexual nature and would join in the aliens' evolutionary plan for the gradual "homosexualization" of humankind.

The various solar religions which popped up around the beginning of civilization are but a manifestation of said homosexual aliens' plans; the solar cults of Egypt, Sumeria, the Aztec empire and India are prime examples. Various phallic artwork was produced. Indeed, the modern skyscraper is representative of the aliens' plans, and shows the very advanced stage that we have reached in terms of homosexual architecture.

The religion of Judaism has its origin in phallic worship, and the philosophers Plato and Aristotle were both rabid homosexuals whose philosophies were dictated to them by "daemons" or spirits sent by the aliens, who would guide their arguments and reasoning in a homosexual way of thinking called "dialectic", in which one side of a binary opposition is favored over the other. Around the time of the decline of the Roman empire, the aliens decided to invest their power in an elaborate hierarchy of homosexual initiates which was to become the Roman Catholic church. This synthesis of Judaism, Platonism, and a corruption of Gnosticism was to be synthesized by secret-homosexual St. Augustine into an elaborate system of homosexual repression, death, and guilt which through a complex psychological set of manipulations would cause a dark age in which sex with females was to be frowned upon, as the populaces of Europe and eventually a large part of the world would worship an image of divinity which, incidentally, was a man who had long hair like a woman. Homosexuality was to be present in greater amounts for the next 2000 years, but it was to be repressed and made occult, and emphasis was to be placed on this effeminate man and his exoteric teachings.

Upon receiving initiation into the mysteries of the Catholic church, priests, having been bombarded with repressed homosexuality from birth would receive initiation into the biggest secret of the Catholic church: That anyone who desired to become a priest was actually a homosexual, or perhaps a pedophile. Having been initiated into the secret club, priests would be receive an initation which placed them beyond original sin, and would allow them to do anything at all with no fear of divine retribution. Perhaps the biggest revelation of all was that Satan, the feared "adversary" actually represented the human penis, and furthermore, the male, divine and creative energy associated with it was the actual nexus of all priestly power. Utilizing the conflict between the human reproductive impulse and "divine law", priests were able to channel the repressed-homosexual male populace into penetrating things that were NOT-orifices with things that were NOT-penises. Thus, generation after generation of humans were made to penetrate and kill other males with swords, spears, and arrows all for the benefit of the Catholic church.

The new model for humanity was simple: They were to be gay, not aware of this fact, and easily directed to commit atrocities in the name of the Catholic church. It was the perfect plan, and the occultation of divinity, reserved for the murderous, secretly gay priesthood was thus established, giving the homosexual, anally reproducing aliens absolute power over vast swaths of the Earth.

The aliens had other plans though; while this power base would last, in order to complete the homosexualization of the human race, an Age of Reason would be needed in order to un-repress vast amounts of the populace. Thus, we stand at a juncture, and the aliens' plans are almost complete.
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