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Tea Partiers, as seen in protests or town hall meetings, look like the socially relevant equivalent of a Wal Mart Greeter.

There's so much backwoods out lash going on. Its amazing. I'll sum up:

Guns niggers taxes pipe bombs jesus.
Tea Partiers love Glen Beck for one reason. Like most republicans he doesn't just give facts since slower people get bored real easy with facts. He tells a story and makes it emotional which sucks in everyone. Basically he talks like a TV preacher and that is what locks it all in.

That an they really hate black people since most of the rallies look like a big white sheet with almost no ethnic diversity whatsoever.

I think though it's not so much Tea Party followers you hate but just stupid people in general and they are just a subdivision of that expanding group.
I'm not Tea Partier, a socialist, liberal nor anything; I'm just a spectator that wants to protect freedoms, privacy and property from the government and corporations. I have seen Glenn Beck's show and compared quite a few things he has said with articles from newspapers, and other reliable sources throughout history they seem to match pretty heavily on what has been reported as happened. I'm not defending Glenn but he makes strong points.

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Ah, Glenn Beck. He would be so funny if it weren't for the fact that millions of people take this fruitcake seriously. I love how he says "I'm going to lose my mind!", that happened a long time ago Glenn...
Glenn Beck is a coke head
Hell, He even looks like one.
I remember watching back in his CNN days he made a total ass of himself for not believing that people still hunt with bows and arrows. Fucking idiot.
I'm a teabagger and I'm ok.
I love Glen Becks balls in my face all day.

sing it everyone. :lol:
There is quite a lot of racism and zenophobia in the Tea Party phenomenon, but don't forget that - irrational as the average tea partier is - there is a reason people are attracted to it.

I think that the neocons deregulate everything and screw the poor and the weak, and then the christfags play the victim card to get people to come to jesus so they can protect thier children from marauding hordes of homosexshueals.

G W Bush cut funding for education, and then the ignorant masses believe his lies. This is EXACTLY how you start a facist state. Keep them ignorant.
Personally, I think that there are a lot of people that are just fed up with both sides. The Tea Party isnt gonna go anywhere as its already been infiltrated by the likes of Palin and McCain, but what gets me is that people are really getting fed up with government BS every time they turn around.
The Tea Party isnt gonna go anywhere as its already been infiltrated by the likes of Palin and McCain
McCain is just an opportunist. First he was The Original Maverick because no one within his own party would challenge him for fear of a defection to the Democrats and being in the middle of politics made him more powerful. But now that he's found J.D. Hayworth is willing to challenge him in the primaries and the Democrats wouldn't even think of taking a Republican who previous ran as their Presidential candidate, suddenly he becomes The Model Republican and goes around telling people "I never considered myself a maverick".

Given the choice in the Arizona senate race this year is effective a two-horse race between washed-up McCain and "I guess you could marry your horse" Hayworth, I pity anyone here living there now.


Found this through RationalWiki, and it's pretty amazing. He really does seem like Glenn Beck, somewhat bolstering my hypothesis that that American right-wing is still fighting the Cold War in their minds, hence why they see 'socialists' and 'communists' and 'Marxists' around each street corner.
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G W Bush cut funding for education, and then the ignorant masses believe his lies. This is EXACTLY how you start a facist state. Keep them ignorant.

Actually I think education should be cut. Not for facism but because the teachers union is bankrupting most states and towns in this country. They pay little to nothing for the best insurance, they get politicians to pass laws keeping obviously stupid "by birth" or burnt "from drug use" kids in school till they are 18 "these kids are costly and a distraction to good students". They do this all to bolster the money that the unions collect and I imagine if a strict audit was done on the money spent by teachers unions and the top officials in it you'd find that these officials are living well beyond their means which could mean massive kickbacks.

Our schools in my town take over half the budget but 1/2 the kids are stupid or don't care and don't plan on working even when they do graduate. They act like mom and dad or their career selling drugs will support their dumb asses. Hell our public library is full of these morons every day just sitting around on the computers or playing games or just trying to bum money for a pack of smokes. They don't try to do anything except bullshit their parents into thinking they don't do drugs and looked for a jobs and both are huge lies.

I think most money given to education is to pay teachers that really don't inspire MOST kids once they hit highschool. They just are interested in their next way above inflation pay increase as they have been given for the past 20 years and insurance that is equal to what a multimillionaire has that is priced accordingly.

The reason they get this is because they run commercials for politicians that put out how important education is. Unfortunately it seems that kids are smarter when the teachers made much less money because then schools were filled with teachers that loved teaching and cared and now is filled with people looking for a stable job and career administrators that make WAY above what someone would make doing what they do in the private sector.

Like the military I believe education budgets need to be massively to lower the taxes in most states and at the federal level. This type of move will ferret out waste and attract business investment.

I also believe that teachers unions should not be there to negotiate pay or insurance or to make sure bad teachers with tenure stay employed. They should be there ONLY to protect teachers that are good from false accusations and from bad school-boards but not to hold the public hostage by increasing taxes massively every single year.

That is extortion pure and simple and is immoral and that is what the teachers unions do during budget negotiations in almost every town across this country.
Okay. That doesn't bother me much. Most of the schools in my area get their funding from local taxes - property, income, and sales - and the Federal government doesn't really contribute much. The only problem with this? Although the Feds don't contribute much money, they somehow have the right to tell my kid's school how to do it's job.

After all the deregulating Bush Jr. did, I'd take any complaints about Unions ruining our country with a grain of salt. As bad as unions may (or may not) be, the Republican party is doing a much better job of ruining America than they ever could.
I'd take any complaints about Unions ruining our country with a grain of salt. As bad as unions may (or may not) be, the Republican party is doing a much better job of ruining America than they ever could.

Really? You don't consider that the massively increased taxes because of teachers unions demanding 3 to 5% raises and better insurance every single year over the past 20 years a problem? You don't consider the fact that they have made it so businesses like manufacturing have resorted to abandoning the country because the taxes are SO high they can't compete? You don't consider the fact that everything especially HIGH property taxes that also have made rent in my area triple in the past 10 years "that's 300%" a huge problem that makes it so ALL employees are either way poorer or have to demand raises constantly to just keep up a problem?

I find that you must have missed the huge inflationary effect on the entire country and economy this greed is causing.

It also seems the teachers and education departments across the country are either stupid or blind to the effect they are having on this economy because of the massive side effects their gimme attitude. For educators these people are quite stupid and have little to no common sense or morals as in their I want a raise all the time attitude/demands/stance when it comes to this country.

I believe it is time to abolish through congress all government unions or at least remove their ability to strike over pay. Like in the REAL world if they are unhappy with their job they can just quit and find a new one, but good luck finding one that pays so well and has such rich benefits for the amount of actual work required. I imagine though if they had to get a real job they wouldn't be bitching so much when budget time came along.

On another note the school could afford all the supplies they needed they say they can't afford if they just froze teachers pay lets say for 5 years or so since it's been longer than that since my last raise and I am with the same company.

So why should they have a raise for working less and having benefits I could only dream of?

I voted for Obama but a lot of the blame for this economic mess lies right at the feet of the far left democrats and the ones that act like cowardly bitches spouting union propaganda just so the union workers throw a shitload of cash and support their way come election time. It was a fascist named Adolf Hitler that said that by controlling the schools "that are mostly democratic" you could control the minds of the youth and thereby control the direction of the country by only feeding them information that would lead most students to a desired way of thinking.
Big brother is not only business or the feds buy is also an education department that uses psychology and careful feeding of facts and views to control entire populations ways of thought and lives by just using passive subtle manipulation.

Don't ever underestimate what the combined greed of maybe more than a million people can do to the tax base of a country when stupid parents just keep voting for the candidate that preys on their stupid views that if you pay a teacher more it makes them a better teacher which is really not true or a logical conclusion at all.

Yeah I went on and on and I could go much more since this is a massively complex web that has been integrated into the very fabric of our society at all levels. So I'll just stop now. I hope I gave you new points from many different perspectives you may not have considered before now. :D
So you want more federal intrusion in our schools?

No. No to extra fed, no to the present to big and powerful union. I want less teachers, less admins, lower starting wages, lower benefits, and many less benefits and job protections for teachers with tenure.
so you want less teachers to teach our already over crowded schools? I remember when I was in high school there was 45-50 kids per class due to not enough teachers, so half the kids didnt learn shit because the teachers were already swamped with 49 other kids. I agree on less powerful unions but if we cut even more teachers our education system will fail harder then it already is
More schools. Public teachers qualifications should be higher. This also needs a nice salary with it too. I would love to see college level professors with PhDs and shit teaching elementary to high school students.

The problem is that, in history, people only got successful and rich by using the uneducated masses to take advantage from.

If everyone was smart we would be the smartest poorest country in the world!!!
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