Strangeness in Megaman 7.

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Watch this: 7 video...</a>

This rhythmical twitching is being controlled by me, and if you are able to see anything in this uber compressed video, then you may notice that the twitching one is protoman... (With a messed up palette, but whatever)

I noticed that Protoman's life and the second character's life are in the same place, so I copied protoman's stuff table and pasted it over the second character's; I got this. I'll be doing some messing around with this for a while.
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Would've added this onto the previous post...

New videos.

After a little tinkering, I got protoman to be semi-playable.</a>

There is a table for movements and animations, and I just used Megaman's for Protoman, just for now. Also, I did not overwrite megaman's sprites or anything, you could still play as him. After I write a new table, and maybe add a few new things, Protoman would be playable in vs mode.


Looks like Capcom was working on a Skullman weapon and left it in after they abandoned it... I tried to use Junk Shield when I had the Danger Wrap weapon on, and this happened.

Megaman7.png video of the weapon, animated.</a>
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