Square/Enix Wants Your Brain to Shrink

When I remember Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior/Quest in my day and RPGs coming out now that read and narrate it too you, it occurs to me that the video game industry is destined to promote illiteracy. My reading got a boost out of Dragon Warrior, why, no reading and no advancement and no winning. Now it's Tara Strong reading the dialogue for you; just so you don't hurt your brain.

(God I am sick waiting for DQ6: Realms of Revelry)

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He could have a point, though. Perhaps that's why games no longer come with manuals. And why video game magazines no longer exist. Game companies don't even have text on their websites anymore, they're just giant flash point & click adventures!
I agree with the thread title, but think the reading thing is a bit extreme. My complaint is that SE is moving over to "action" RPG, which I personally find insulting. Action games are a dime a dozen, but gameplay like you'd find in Final Fantasy IV for example is virtually extinct. I wish they'd stick to what makes thier games fun--FFX-2 was the last game they released that was worth playing in my own trying-to-be-humble opinion.
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