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Some ideas, just in case problems like the recent trolling idiocy get worse:

Limit new members, for their first 30 posts, to:
* A maximum of 4 posts a day, with a limit of 1000 characters per post
* Just 1 atachment per day, with a limit of 100 kilobytes per attachment
* Lastly, they could be limited to starting just one new thread of their own per day.

This would make sure that each new member goes through a trial period of at least a week of active posting (ample time to for mods to notice any bannable behavior) before they have the ability to massively spam the board. Note that this would not really be an onerous restriction for newcomers that aren't trolls. Four posts a day should be plenty to start with.

Of course, people can still make duplicate accounts (and do so with different IP addresses, by using proxies), so to combat that you could also lengthen the sign-up process somewhat.

Of course, these are a little extreme, and would require a certain amount of extra coding, and will most likely turn out to be unnecessary. I'm just throwing them out there as ideas.

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> most annoying people leave after only a day anyway.

True. Like I admitted, it probably will never be necessary. I just thought it couldn't hurt to throw it in as a suggestion, just in case we ever wind up with some really obssessive trolls.

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> i don't know if we need to be that extreme. most annoying
> people leave after only a day anyway.

You haven't! ZING! :D

But seriously, those limits... I think they're good ideas (many forums I visit have similar rules), but I guess we have the same problem as the request-turned-into-flame-war I made a few days ago: Such things are not built into wwwthreads. So it's a bit difficult to add. :|
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