Shining the Holy Ark Music Error

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Errors in Shining the Holy Ark Music

Hello, and thank you for a fabulous site. ^_^

I downloaded the music for "Shining the Holy Ark" on Sega Saturn here:

I don't know what happened, but both the SSF files and MP3's sound really bad for many of the songs. They're also extremely quiet. I tried playing the SSF files on multiple players, and they all sound the same, which is also exactly how the MP3's sound. I've played the game before, so I know what I should be hearing. When I looked up these songs on YouTube, the correct versions were found there.

Some examples are cymbal sustains going on for too long on multiple tracks, the "Battle" theme sounding odd, "Sabato in Einrich Well" being warped, and "Battle with Rillix" being completely trashed and reduced to a few seconds in length, when it's not a brief piece.

This is a fantastic soundtrack, and I'd really appreciate it if someone could correctly rip the music files. It seems like whoever did this didn't listen back to the finished product, as the SSF errors go straight into the MP3's as well. I'm personally only looking for the SSF files. Thanks!
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You're right, this is screwed up. Unfortunately, I'm not much help here, but maybe somebody else will pitch in.

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Will anyone please be our savior? :) I've tried asking people on YouTube if they had SSF's or even MP3's from their song uploads, but I've either gotten a "no" or haven't received a response. Boo hoo. :cry:
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