Set a deadzone for analog sticks, so they work better for D-pad consoles?


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I am mostly using an Xbox 360-controller for my emulators, with the left analog stick mapped to the up/down/left/right inputs. I mostly play Gameboy, NES or SNES, all of which had D-pads and no analog inputs. I also tried to play AM2R.

However the problem is that even just a slight touch of the analog stick in a certain direction, detects that as an input and passes it on to the emulator. So say if I want to move to the right, and move the analog stick all the way to the right, there is also a chance that it may detect a slight input of say 5-10% either up or down, which results in the emulator detecting it as a diagonal input of up+right or down+right, rather than just right. The input needs to be perfectly straight to the right, to only detect a right input.

A way to fix that would be to add some kind of deadzone, so that the analog stick needs to be moved at least, say 20% in a certain direction before it is detected as an input. But the emulators don't have that, nor is windows very helpful. So I was thinking that maybe there is some kind of software tool which can fix it. I know there are tools like Xpadder and others which may help out although I haven't tried.

Buying a new controller with a simple D-pad, or using the D-pad of the 360-controller is of course also possible but I had hoped to just get it working with what I have.
Does anyone have any advice?
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